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FSM News:
S.O.S. sprog 2015
Mar 23, 2011 at 02:53 PM


New Series "The Song"

hosted by Kyle Idleman & Formatted for Faith Student Ministries..
Sprog '15 (Spring Progressive Retreat)
March     Faith Student Ministry  Hosts it annual Sr. Hi. Progressive Retreat.  This years theme revolves around
S.o.S - the Song of Songs, or Song of Solomon, one of the 
greatest pieces of poetic literature ever written.  The goal of
this years retreat is to open up a healthy dialogue with 
students about how to navigate into and through a relationship with the opposite sex.  Solomon offers us a pattern of courtship aka dating that is worthy of consideration and prayer.
 Normally we reserve the weekend for our Student Leaders, however ... this year we would like to extend the invitation to not only all the  Sr. Hi Students of FSM but also their Hi School friends who would be interested in tackling the subject of dating with a biblical perspective. The weekend has always proved to be full of laughs, late night man talks (malks) and woman talks (womalks), more food than we can  possibly eat, and memories made with staff and students that last a life time.  (Based on the idea of a progressive dinner that eats from house to house that is basically what we do all weekend, except between our food stops we reflect on a study of scripture, play some crazy games, take part in some project, and enjoy each others company as we traverse back and forth from home to home.) 
*Advance Notice Parents & Students We have High expectations for this retreats; as per all our events there is a no PDA clause in effect for the weekend, an additional waver is to be signed, permitting students to do some adult supervised clay shooting, and other details to followed.
Parents & Staff & Students: Click on the Read More Link below
to find out all the details. A revised list will be posted on FACEBOOK.
You can also click on the Parent Connections on our home page,
follow the S.O.S. prompt for more info concerning this retreat and our sensitivity
to how student ministry deals with the topic of SEX from God's perspective.
Fsm Promo
Aug 19, 2013 at 12:00 AM

 Welcome to FSMWired.com

(FSM) Faith Student Ministries

Stimulating Student Followers of Christ
Alongside a plethora of Events, Exhibitions, and Retreats
FSM offers a variety of venues for "Discipleship Intensives"

"Transfer" Courses - Sundays @ 8:30

Autumn, Winter, and Spring Courses coming soon

[*New Sessions - from a Biblical Perspective]

Follow our course topics at www.ReBuffering.blogspot.com

                       When Doubt Gives-Way to Truth & Freedom is Polished by Limitations 

Sunday Morning Serial in the South Room -Sundays @ 9:30am

      JR & SR HIgh (Sr. Hi)  

Released Time (Church School) for Jr. Hi students

      Weds mornings @ 8:30ish

Frog & Sprog - Fall & Spring Progressive Retreat(s)

       This years retreat will take us to the Twin Cities &/or Branson MS.

World View Documentary(Short Film released Winter 2015)

FSM Wired - Wednesday Night Mayhem & Mystery with His Majesty! (Starting Sept 10th)

     Cornerstone (Jr. Hi) Series - Who is God? what's His Name?

     Rock Solid (Sr. Hi) Series - Code Red - the Dangerous Life of Christ

                                                     (Harmony of the Gospels)


The underlining Core Value that we hope to emphasize this year thru FSM

Prayer...Nothing is beyond the ear of God.

Interactive Small Group Huddles ...
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