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US/Canadian Frontier Mission MTG. PDF Print E-mail
Written by admin   
May 20, 2013 at 12:00 AM
2013 Sr. Hi US/Canadian Frontier Mission Team 
Rock Solid (Sr Hi) siloam house
  US / Canadian
 Frontier Mission

Team Members Click on the "Read More"
for further details!

Here are the Further Details for the 2013 Frontier Mission Team


2013 FSM US/Canadian Mission Statement
… a connecting point between the compassionate and less-fortunate       (Siloam Missions)        
It is the objective of our trip to Serve in a number of different frontier venues.  Our initial base camp will be at Mokahum where we will gain our bearings for the week ahead.  It is our hope that we can aid in the ministries of Camp Oak Hills, Paul Stroebel & The Mokahum Center.   We will then caravan north across the boarder to inner city Winnipeg, where we will serve “Under the Radar” at the Siloam Mission.  Here our students will be exposed to a number of different service  projects; soup lines, painting, construction etc... We also hope to do a little street ministry, as well as get a taste for the local culture and climate.  On our return trip we are offering an extended 4 day discipleship voyage canoeing the upper Mississippi.  
Things to Bring
Things to Bring
Creative Lunch Pail  / Mess Kit /Don’t forget Utensils
Suggested $20-$50 spending money
      Pad/Air mattress/cot
      Sheet/Blanket/Pillow/Sleeping Bag/ Ear Plugs
Sunscreen / Sun Glasses / Chap-stick
     (Full brim hat w/ neck covering – helps with bugs)
Flip Flops / Sandals (comfort, wading, & shower use)
Bible – Notebook – Pen/Pencil
Toiletries (Deodorant etc…) Towel
Work Gloves / Water Bottle’s

Cards & Travel Games
Clothes for specific occasions (Modest Pants & Shorts)
      Work clothes/Painting wear/ Closed toed shoes
      Street Clothes (without questionable print) Walking Shoes
Fishing Equipment / License (optional)
Swimsuit - Modest swimwear (one piece)
      (please don’t make this an issue)    you too guys
Things to Leave
Tank tops/ Strap tops
Torn or Ragged clothes
Media such as movies and video games
No need to bring lots of money
If you have anything like a camera/video camera
    visit with Phil about locking it away when needed
No alcohol, drugs, tobacco permitted
No lighters, weapons, fireworks, explosives
No Purpling, Just like Camp Lebanon no dating.
                            (Coupling Up is also frowned uponL)
No Rebellious, Selfish, or Non-participant Attitudes
  Siloam Mission    (Street Ministry Noon)   

Tentative Itinerary as of Winter ’09



Sunday 9th  June 

           Option 1 fellowship with Native Churches /

           Orientation with Mokahum

           Option 2 fellowship with Team / Orientation

           with Mokahum & Paul

Monday 10th Three Teams

            8am depart for Winnipeg

            Orientation late afternoon at the Siloam Mission 3:30/4ish

            Settle in at our lodging for the week?


Wednesday 4th  Siloam Mission    


Tuesday 11th - Friday 14th full days @ Siloam Mission

           Tour the Canadian Mint



Saturday 15th 8am depart for Mokahum Cass Lake, MN

            Frontier Mission Concludes with Van departing for    

            Park Rapids,


(Saturday Night or Sunday Morning depending on need)



Extended Trip


Saturday 15th     Return to Base Camp Mokahum from Winnipeg

                        Down-Time (Mandatory Siesta &/Or Journal)


                        Play-Time (Campus Games – Flash-Light Tag)

                        Repack and Reorient for Extended Trip

                        (Debrief Siloam)

                                                            Portage Session 1

Sunday   16th          Church/Fellowship

                        Work Day @ Mokahum


                       Tentative Route

Monday 17th

                        Breakfast and Devos (Portage Report) Pack

                        S.A.G Vehicle

                        In the water by                                      8 am

                        Stop over in Bemidji for early lunch (Paul and

                        Babe – visitor center) Leave by   12        Noon

                        Regroup East Side of Lake Bemidji       1 pm  

                        Northern most point of Mississippi       3 pm

                                    Mini Portage Session 1.5                     

                        Portage Right of Dam                            5 pm 

                        Arrive @ Island Point Camp Site        6 pm.ish

              Unpack S.A.G 5-7pm  (hike aprox. 10 to 15minutes)

                        Down-Time (Mandatory Siesta &/Or Journal)


                        Play-Time (Soccer & field games)

 Debrief Day

                                       Portage Session 2


Tuesday 18th     

                        Breakfast and Devos (Portage Report)

                        Pack S.A.G Vehicle / Boat (Hike???)

                        In the water by                                      9 am  

                        Arrive at High Banks                             11am

                                    Mini Portage Session 2.5

                        Lake Andrusia Lunch (@ carry in access – 

                        before Allen’s bay)                                1 pm

                        Split Potato Islands                                3 pm

                        Arrive @ Star Island Camp Site around 5 pm

                                    Unpack S.A.G 4-6pm set up camp...

 Down-Time (Mandatory Siesta &/Or Journal)


                        Play-Time (Water volley-ball?)

                        Debrief Day

                                        Portage Session 3


Wednesday 19th

                        Breakfast and Devos (Portage Report)

                        Pack S.A.G Vehicle / Boat

                        In the water by                                 Noon pm

                        Cass Lake Welcome Center Lunch

                              (Load canoes and gear)                     1 pm

                                    Mini Portage Session 3.5

                        Home in PR                              around   3 pm



Extended Trip - Camp & Canoe the Upper Mississippi

Costs: $40 (If we can supply our own canoes)


Suggested Things to Bring

Canoe or Kayak (hardware) if you have one

(heavier Rain Jacket & Pants will keep the bugs from biting @ camp)

Life Jacket

Bible, Pen & Voyage Notes (Nehemiah) 

Fishing Gear

Fully brimmed hat with neck covering (The bugs are extremely bad this year)

Gloves with cut out fingers may reduce blistering paddle hands

Change of Clothes for 3 days

Rain jacket & pants may double as Insect Repellant

Toiletries (toothbrush, towel, role of toilet paper?)

Nalgene / Water bottle & Lunch Pail or Mess Kit (Utensils)

Modest swimwear (One Piece suits)

(please don’t make this an issue) – you too guys J

Bedding from Canada Trip

Must be able to fit contents in canoes for Travel (although SAG vehicle will be of assistance) 

small portable camp chair (something like a tri-fold)

Suggested Water-Resistant if not Proof Pack

    (You can Use GARBAGE/ZIP LOCK bags if necessary)

We will be roughing it for two nights, primitive toilets, no showers, cooking over open fire……



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